The Moving Space

Creative Individuality – Atmosphere – Play

Zagreb, Croatia, February 9-12, 2023


Suzana Nikolic, Zagreb, Croatia 

Sol Garre, Madrid, Spain 

Tarja Nyberg, Helsinki, Finland

This module explores the space and the world of a given play. What happens when we dive into the writer’s world and allow ourselves to be surprised by its specific dynamics, energy, language and space? Topics: Space, Personal Atmosphere, Objective Atmosphere, Higher Self, Ease, Form, Beauty, & the Whole.

• MCE Training module 2

• Costs: 480,-- € / 440,-- €

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The Breathing Space / Film Acting

Hamburg, Germany, March 4-8, 2023


Hugh O’Gorman, Long Beach, California, USA

Olivia Rüdinger, Hamburg, Germany

Ulrich Meyer-Horsch, Hamburg, Germany

In this workshop we explore the space of a given screenplay. We dive into the film’s world and its specific dynamics, energy, language and space. Michael Chekhov’s concepts of “Atmosphere” (“the soul of every piece of art”) and “The Feeling of Ease, Form, Beauty and the Whole” will guide us through this exploration. The workshop will combine the Chekhov Technique with Wilhelm Reich’s approach to organic breathing. Participants will apply both techniques to scene work in front of the camera.

Parallel to the workshop we offer a Teachers Training for experienced acting teachers.

• MCE Training module 2 / Chekhov International Spring School at SfSH

• Costs: 480,-- € / 440,-- € 

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